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Mash Ramezoon's House

Here is Mash Ramezoon's House and Kambiz (Sonjoo) is wating thinking about new game to play with his father.
Like all that Mash Ramezoon did with his Father (Haj Gholam).

Sonjoo's Neighbourhood - Azadi Tower

Sonjoo's Neighbourhood

Here is Sonjoo's neighbourhood and Sonjoo is escaping like always.
Who knows what did he do again?

Sonjoo Escape's screen shots

Be careful

No one can stop him. He can run for rest of his life.
Don't forget to collect apples and avoiding obstacles like trashes.

Mash Ramezoon's House In Sonjoo Escape Mobile Game

Sonjoo Escape, A Fun Runner Mobile Game

Sonjoo Escape is a running mobile game that is telling a story about Kambiz who is a naughty boy so everybody calls him Sonjoo. Sonjoo in Qazvin means a boy who is devilish and playful.
In this game, Sonjoo is running away from his father and player have to help him because his father wants to punish him.

Asghar Labooei - One of Sonjoo's character.

Asghar Labooei - Sonjoo Escape

Asghar Labooei is one of Sonjoo's plaintiff. Sonjoo really annoyed this poor person.

Monuments of Iran in Sonjoo Escape

Iran's Monuments - Sonjoo Escape

Sojoo's family change their locations because of his father's job.

Iran's Nostalgic stuff

Nostalgic stuff

Sonjoo loves toys like other little boy and he does anything for toys.

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Ordibehesht Studio is an indie game development team but developing games is not all that we do! Our purpose is to recycle! To take those tedious and boring moments and turn them into excitement. We work very hard to create joy and happiness in everyone, anywhere.

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